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金奧16開單頁-1.jpg ThegiantgoldAustrianSporting GoodsCo.,Ltd.isa research and development,production,sales offitness equipment,sports equipment,children's entertainmentfacilitiesofprofessional sports.Absorption, the introduction offoreign advanced technology,play their own advantages, has introduceda series ofproductssuitable fitness.Theproducts are exported to31provincesandautonomous regions,andexported to international markets.
    Theproduct meets the"GB19272-2003"General requirements for thedesign and development offully integratedonthe basisofkinematics,body mechanics, medicine, so that theproducts meet thescientific, safe, beautifulanddurablestringent requirements"to bewidely used incommunity, residential areas, squares, parks,nursing

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Dachang gold Austrian Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.
Contact: left manager
Phone 0316 -8865886
Fax 0316 -8865009
Mobile: 13513263865 1365316896
Address: the eastbound 35 km Dachang Industrial Park
Zip Code: 065301


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